Recent Painting Exhibitions

Arthouse show flyer

DRAWING FILM, The Arthouse, 17th April – 15th May 2014

An exhibition of ten drawings and five paintings on the theme of filmmaking.

KONK show flyer

FREEZEFRAME, KONK Studios. August 29th – Monday 30th September 2013

A solo painting exhibition. FREEZE FRAME refers to what happens when a filmmaker engages with still images in the form of painting. As part of the exhibition, an event was organised, entitled IMAGINING, REMEMBERING, FORGETTING. This was an evening of discussion around the role of the unconscious in art and the mental and emotional processes involved. In this event, Gillies MacKinnon was joined by organisational consultant and researcher Carlos Sapochnik and psychoanalyst and writer Gregorio Kohon to discuss the subject in the context of MacKinnon’s work as both a painter and a filmmaker.

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