Castles In The Sky

BBC TV single film
Writer: Ian Kershaw
Producer: Simon Wheeler
Starring: Eddie Izzard, Laura Frazer
This was my first chance to work with Eddie Izzard. Unlike other actors I have worked with, known also to be comedians, Eddie really blends in with everyone, cast and crew, is one of the lads and does not feel compelled to perform or be funny. We hit it off and I later asked him to play Captain Waggett in Whisky Galore. In both films, he performed stand up shows for the cast and crew at weekends. It was a chance and a delight to work again with Laura Fraser- 20 years after Small Faces. The rest of the cast were sterling to a man (very male cast) with some great actors involved to tell the story of Robert Watson Watt, the man who invented radar and saved Britain from devastation at the hands of the Luftwaffe. Once again the editor was Anne Sopel who has cut most of my recent TV dramas and also Whisky Galore.

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